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Contraption Podcast

Contraption: The Drummers' Podcast features interviews with professional drummers and drum educators who share their expertise with new and returning drummers. Host Mike Kassel is a returning drummer who explores the stories and approaches of famous drummers as well as the unsung heroes of all things drums.

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Nov 13, 2018

Famous for his work with the Pat Metheny Group, Paul Wertico is a seven-time Grammy Award winning drummer.  Paul's discography includes a veritable who's who of music, and he has won the reader's poll in both "Modern Drummer" and "Drum" magazines.  In addition to his work with his own Paul Wertico Trio, Paul is an Assistant Professor of Jazz Studies at Roosevelt University Chicago College of Performing Arts.  He has been featured in the new movie, "Masters of Resonance," and is a frequent guest on panels and at special music events.  In this interview, Paul talks about his path to drums, his career, and his philosophy of drums.  Paul also talks about his exciting new book, "Turn the Beat Around: A Drummer's Guide to Playing Backbeats on 1 and 3" (Alfred Music 2017), as well as his successful battle with prostate cancer.