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Contraption Podcast

Contraption: The Drummers' Podcast features interviews with professional drummers and drum educators who share their expertise with new and returning drummers. Host Mike Kassel is a returning drummer who explores the stories and approaches of famous drummers as well as the unsung heroes of all things drums.

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Feb 18, 2019

There are many reasons so many drummers respect Ra-Kalam Bob Moses. His seminal book Drum Wisdom brought out his 8/8 concept of playing to resolution points.  His ground-breaking 1973 album, Bittersuite in the Ozone, marked the start of a solo recording career that continues through this day.  He's worked with some of the most respected names in jazz, including playing with Jaco Pastorious on Pat Metheny's classic 1976 debut album, Bright Size Life.

The godson of Ed Shaughnessy, young Bob Moses was fortunate to grow up in the same building with such greats as Max Roach, Art Blakey and Elvin Jones. Admittedly getting into drums as a young teen to impress others, he soon was inspired by seeing Coltrane and realized that music was about much more than what people thought or admired.  From that point on, Bob Moses began playing music from the heart, music that could fill the world with much needed love.  In a world of fakes and copies, Ra-Kalam honors his own heroes by going his own way in life, music and art.    

In this very special episode of Contraption, I am honored to talk with Ra-kalam Bob Moses, who shares stories of his past, news of his current and upcoming work, and his overall “drum wisdom.”