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Contraption Podcast

Contraption: The Drummers' Podcast features interviews with professional drummers and drum educators who share their expertise with new and returning drummers. Host Mike Kassel is a returning drummer who explores the stories and approaches of famous drummers as well as the unsung heroes of all things drums.

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Feb 12, 2019

The title of this episode is “Embrace the Mundane,” but I really hesitate to call it that because today’s guest, Gina Knight, is as far from mundane as you can get. 

An incredible drummer, amazing teacher – and by day a super real estate agent (no, I’m not kidding), you probably know Gina as YouTube’s Drum Lessons Girl. Her lesson on the half-time shuffle has netted nearly 700,000 views.

Gina is an incredibly busy, gigging Chicago drummer as well as a singer and all around entertainer. She’s even played drums in several episodes of the Fox hit series Empire – and she’s so humble, she didn’t even mention it in our interview.

So, why call it “embrace the mundane?” Well, that’s Gina’s incredibly profound advice to new and returning drummers, and by the end of this episode, you’ll see why it’s so important.